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How to care for your Diamond Ring?

Sep 24

Your jewellery must be clean to be truly beautiful. Diamonds, derive their beauty from the way they refract, reflect, and disperse light. The least bit of film from oil, soap, or hand lotion will change the refractive index from that of diamond to that of grease, and most of the brilliance will be lost. Diamonds have a natural affinity for grease and need to be cleaned regularly. Cleaning should be carried out at least monthly.

Use a safe environment

Guard against losing a stone during any cleaning! Often, especially on jewellery that has been worn a lot, or pieces with very lightweight settings, the build-up grime may be all that is keeping a stone in its setting! Cleaning off the grime could loosen the stone. While this would be inconvenient, it is a lot better having the stone fall out and lost if it was not in a controlled environment! Carry out the cleaning in a small bowl and check carefully for missing stones before pouring out the solution.

 Clean gently with warm soapy water

Soak jewellery for a few minutes in a small bowl of warm water with a little dishwashing liquid added. You can brush around and under the stones, gently, using a soft bristle toothbrush. A cosmetic brush such as used to apply eye shadow is also okay.

Using White spirits; Vodka or Gin.

White spirits are more effective in removing grease from diamonds. Again, using a soft toothbrush to gently remove the grease off the diamond and getting in between the claws.

The washing soda and aluminium foil method. (Use only with Diamond set jewellery). Baking soda can also be used but is not as effective. It pays to remove most of the grease first, but if you want an even better result, this is a great extra step. It is brilliant for making your jewellery shinny as well as cleaning the final grease off the diamonds. You need a small shallow plastic container. Line it with aluminium foil. Put in a rounded teaspoon of washing soda and pour over enough boiling water to cover the ring. Place the ring in the centre, and a fizzy reaction will occur. In in a few minutes, the ring and gem will be bright and clean. Make sure to dispose of all the liquid. The aluminium will gradually degrade, but you can always use some slightly crumpled-up kitchen foil. Once the jewellery is dry, with say a paper towel, you can use our Polishing Cloth, as part of the ‘Care for your Jewellery Cleaning kit’ for a brilliant finish. We give a complimentary cleaning pack to every customer, for care of their diamond jewellery, we sell to.

Sonic cleaning

Departments stores and mail-order catalogue sell small vibrating ‘sonic’ jewellery cleaners for home use.  These are gentler than the powerful ultrasonic cleaners used by Jewellers and can be safely used for diamonds and all faceted coloured stones.

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