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Lip Fillers - What to Expect Types Benefits Side Effects

Apr 4

There are many different kinds of lip fillers, so it is important to know the side effects and possible complications before getting this procedure. The best way to avoid them is to be as honest with yourself as possible. You should be able to explain to your healthcare provider what you're hoping to achieve, so they can give you a realistic expectation of what the procedure will look like. During your follow-up visit, your healthcare provider may also massage your lips and continue to ice them.

Although the procedure is relatively painless, some patients experience some swelling. If you're undergoing an injection without an anesthetic, the injection is painful. However, if you're getting a lidocaine or nerve block, the procedure will be relatively painless. You can also take ice to ease the pain and avoid heavy physical activity for 48 hours after the procedure.

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The most common side effect associated with lip fillers is swelling. This is temporary and should subside after two weeks. You'll need to visit your doctor if you're experiencing bruising outside the lip area. You can resume your normal activities after the procedure, although intense exercise, sports, and other activities may be a concern for you. And you should consult with your healthcare provider if you're pregnant, breastfeeding, or suffering from other medical conditions.

As with any cosmetic injectable procedure, lip fillers can cause side effects. While they are minimally invasive, they're still invasive. People with diabetes, high blood pressure, or hypertension should discuss their options with their physician. Those who are pregnant or breastfeeding should avoid undergoing this procedure. If you're taking blood thinners, or are allergic to any ingredients used in the product, you should not undergo this procedure.

The most common side effect of lip fillers is swelling. This usually disappears within a few weeks. You shouldn't drink alcohol and avoid aspirin. It's best to stick to the ice for the first few days. While swelling is normal, the area will still be swollen for the first few days. After your procedure, your doctor will apply a topical anesthetic to your lips and then clean the area of your lips.

After lip fillers, you'll experience numbness and swelling around your lips for the first 24 hours. Bruising is not uncommon after your procedure, but it will go away naturally within three days. You should be able to see the full results of lip fillers in about two weeks. You may want to schedule follow-up appointments with your plastic surgeon to assess the final results.

There are several potential side effects of lip fillers. You should expect a lump or skin eruption in the injection area. Your doctor may also inject a local anesthetic to avoid bruising. After your lip enhancement procedure, you may experience numbness and swelling around your lips for a few days, but these aren't the only possible side effects. Aside from pain, you'll likely have numbness and bruising on your face.

As with any surgical procedure, lip fillers are not without potential side effects. You should expect mild bruising and swelling after your procedure, which will be temporary and go away within a few days. A redness that may appear near your mouth will subside within a few days. If your treatment has caused you to experience any side effects, consult your doctor immediately. The results will be more noticeable and permanent if you're more confident in your appearance.

Aside from side effects, lip fillers may cause some serious risks, including skin eruptions and scarring near the injection area. You should consult with your doctor before receiving any kind of treatment. The procedure isn't cheap, but it's worth the cost if you're not happy with the results. While there are no known fatalities from lip fillers, the potential risks of this procedure are minimal.


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